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                                                                            Introduction to Hurun

                                                                            The Hurun Sealing System R&D platform is dedicated to the original research and development of cutting-edge sealing technology and new material sealing system, as well as the application and promotion of import substitution. With the technical research and development personnel of Taizhou Enpu Sealing Parts Co., Ltd. as the team, it brings together scientific research institutions, domestic research institutions, and technical backbones in the industry. By integrating technical resources in the industry, implementing an innovation-driven development strategy, focusing on "Made in China 2025", the R&D platform will be built into high-end automotive powertrain, energy-saving and new energy electric drive, high-speed rail shock absorption, new materials and other sealing system solutions Provider.

                                                                            The R&D center is planned to be constructed for three years, with a planned investment of 50 million yuan in the first phase. The land investment is 10 million yuan, about 26 acres. The investment of 10,000 square meters of R&D building is 15 million yuan; the investment of 20 sets of R&D facilities is 15 million yuan; the reserve fund is 10 million yuan. 40 million yuan was invested by Enpu Sealing Parts Co., Ltd. in phases and phases. Plan to invest in the establishment of a provincial-level R&D and experimental center.

                                                                            The research and development platform held by Taizhou Enpu Sealing Co., Ltd., namely Zhejiang Hurun Sealing System Co., Ltd., technical director Sun Gan team project "with intelligent monitoring self-repairing sealing system", won the 2020 Taizhou "500 Elite Program" entrepreneurial and innovative talent Introduce Type A (high-end entrepreneurial talents).

                                                                            Platform leader

                                                                            National registered quality management system auditor, environmental management system auditor, and occupational health and safety management system auditor. Specializing in the research and development and application promotion of modified filled engineering plastics, carbon fiber composite materials, and special rubber elastomer sealing systems. Presided over a number of localization projects for automotive seals. He has been engaged in the development and design of oil seals for key automotive components such as automotive engines, gearboxes, and axles for 20 years, and has a wealth of successful product design cases. Examples: Weichai Power P5, P7, P10, P12, engine crankshaft oil seal and valve oil seal development; Geely Automobile 4G15, 4G18 engine crankshaft oil seal and valve oil seal development; Volvo Car GE3 project seal development; Jiangling Motors E802 project seal development ; Development of seals for Shanghai Automotive Delta transmission and D09 engine; development of seals for Guangzhou Honda Automobile Fit Project, etc.